Custom Rom GingerMod 3.0 - New Update 02-06-2012 for Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

Custom Rom untuk Galaxy Mini sekarang sudah banyak, tapi kali ini kita akan menshare GingerMod, salah satu Custom Rom buatan Indonesia. Pembuatnya adalah Mas Ahmad Safar.
Oke, gak perlu panjang lebar lagi.. ini dia custom Romnya :

Screenshoot :

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GingerMod 3.0 - New Update 02-06-2012

This ROM was made with UI tweaks, overclock features, and some tweaks to improve performance. 

(However, I have no problems when using XXKPK)
~ Based on Gingerbread 2.3.6 XWKTN / XWKT6
• Improved Battery life, smooth & fast
• Latest Gapps
• GPU Hack
• init.d support
• Scrolling cache mod
• updated some app to latest version
• Build.prop, init.rc and init.d tweaks
• Enabled MMS skin chooser (Messaging > Settings > Message skin)
• gingermod-res.apk from emanoN v6 emanon-res.apk
• Added poweron.ogg
• Added "Mod Version" on About Phone
• sqlite patch
• pre-rooted
• fixed Perfomance Settings
• Added Bravia Engine
• Added MegaBassBeats
• Added init.local.rc
• added Swipe to Clear Notification
• Added /cache/download folder
• Added Adrenaline Engine 3.1 mod by me
• mixed Adrenaline Engine + SlaidyBoost + emanoN run-parts script (/etc/init.d)
• fixed bravia engine permission
• ICS Transition Animation (Settings > Display > Animation > All Animations)
• ICS Bootanimation
• ICS Settings style
• Changed bootsplash
• added 15 statusbar toggle mod
• Added BusyBox 1.20.0-cm7 bionic
• Added custom power menu from CyanMobile (Screenshot, Reboot, Recovery, Hot Reboot, Download)
• Added GingerMod Settings (port from emanoNParts.apk emanon V6)
• Added Battery Calibration from CyanMobile (Settings > GingerMod Settings > Battery information)
• Added CRT Screen-on Animation (Settings > GingerMod Settings > Display)
• Added 9 custom lockscreen (Settings > GingerMod Settings > Lockscreen)
• Access Samsung Secret Codes (Settings > GingerMod Settings > Applications settings > Samsung Secret Codes)
• Added Startup Manager (Settings > GingerMod Settings > Applications settings > Startup Manager)
• Added System Applications Manager (Settings > GingerMod Settings > Applications settings > System Applications)
• Added Statusbar Tweaks from emanoN v6 (Settings > GingerMod Settings > Statusbar Tweaks), with features:
- Clock, Battery, Battery bar, Signal, Statusbar background & Statusbar toggles options
• added Performance Settings from CyanMobile (Settings > GingerMod Settings > Performance), with features:
- CPU Settings, Enable/Disable bootanimation, Enable/Disable bootsound, KSM Manager, VM Heap size, Compcache, Low Mem Killer, IO Scheduler & SD Read Ahead size options
• moved DSP Manager to, Settings > GingerMod Settings > DSP Manager
• moved Battery bar to, Settings > GingerMod Settings > Statusbar Tweaks > Battery bar
• moved Quick Panel to, Settings > GingerMod Settings > Statusbar Tweaks > Statusbar toggles
• Replaced stock Music with Google Play Music
• Removed No-frills CPU Control (instead use Settings > GingerMod Settings > Performance > CPU Settings)
• Removed Mobile Data Usage
• Removed GingerMod Apps2SD
• Removed Spare Parts

• added some APK:
- AudioEffectService.apk
- GMParts.apk
- CMParts.apk
- CMCalibrator.apk
- CMScreenshot.apk
- Myfiles.apk
- Music.apk
- S2E.apk

Kernel Source from Squadzone Github
Kernel Features:
• include Overclock up to 787Mhz
• ext2/ext3/ext4, ramzswap, tun & cifs modules
• enabled compcache (ramzswap)
• Default CPU Min frequency: 245Mhz
• Default CPU Max frequency: 604Mhz
• Default Governor: smartassV2
• Default IO Sched: sio
• 16 Governor:
- brazialianwax, interactive, Scary, userspace, lazy, smoothass, SavagedZen, interactiveX, lagfree, minmax, smartassV2, conservative, powersave, Lionheart, ondemand, performance
• 5 IO Scheduler:
- sio, deadline, cfq, vr, noop
Old Changelog : Here

Thanks to:
tj_style for pioneering development of our device, CWM and CM7
parasmi for emanoN ROM, emanoN v6 Parts & emanon run-parts script
bintel for theming ROM of our device
squadzone for picking up what tjstyle left and for keeping the development alive. and for CyanMobile ROM
godell for development of our device
lidroid 14 statusbar toogle mod, Flip mute, app uninstaller, autostart codes from Lidroid Toolbox (available in the Market) & CM7 lockscreen
hansip87 for swipe to clear notification codes
kittenlinux & Shuvo_bd for feedback
slaid480 for SlaidyBoost
pvyParts for Battery Bar
RockoDev for Beats Audio
D3HuM4NiZ3D for MegaBassBeats
AndroidON for scrolling cache
imbawind for Adrenaline Engine 3.1
- All Member Official LilG Galaxy Mini

Old Version

GingerMod 3.0

GingerMod 2.1a

GingerMod 2.1

Cara Install


Bagi yang sudah biasa install custom ROM, pasti sudah tahu caranya: tinggal install lewat CWM (wipe data /cache dan format system sebelum install).

Bagi yang belum tahu / belum pernah install custom ROM:

Jika versi Android yang Anda gunakan sudah versi 2.3.x atau gingerbread, maka langkah ini dilewati saja.

C. Install CWM (ClockWorkMod) - Langkah 1 lewati saja.

D. Install Chocobread v3.2 RC1

1. Copy file ke SD card. Lalu matikan smartphone Galaxy Mini (sampai benar-benar off — layar berwarna hitam — bukan warna abu-abu).
2. Tekan tombol Power Button dan Home Button secara bersamaan.
>> terus tekan sampai muncul menu ClockworkMod Recovery.
>> disitu ada pilihan menu,
  • reboot system now
  • apply
  • wipe data / reset
  • wipe cache partition
  • install zip from sd
  • backup and restore
  • mounts and storage
  • advanced
>> Tombol yang digunakan, <<
  • Volume Down = untuk menggerakkan ke bawah.
  • Volume Up = untuk menggerakkan ke atas.
  • Home Button = untuk memilih menu (OK).
  • Back Key = untuk kembali.
3. Pilih menu wipe data / reset, dengan cara menekan tombol Volume Down, kemudian tekan tombol Home Button. Terus pilih Yes — delete all u . Tunggu sampai prosesnya selesai.
4. Pilih menu mounts and storage, lalu pilih format /system. Kembali ke menu utama dgn menekan tombol Back Key.
5. Pilih menu install zip from sd, lalu choose zip from sdcard.
6. Cari dan pilih file tadi lalu - install. Tunggu sampai prosesnya selesai / Complete!
7.  reboot system now,

::Cara Install credit to
GingerMod Theme
Dark Mint 1.0 - port from MORe v1.3 - Created by blank_ON

[Update] Batik 1.1 - port from Chocobread - Created by devras

Blue Galaxy 1.0 - port from Emanon - Created by nvt992

[Update] Akatsuki 1.3 - port from MORe v1.4 - Created by Ronireyna

[Update] gmtheme script 26.5.2012 (GingerMod Theme Manager)

How to Installing theme??
1. copy the gmtheme script to system/bin set permission(just thick all the box)
2. open Term emulator type "su" enter "gmtheme" <<without qoute ,
3. extract the file for the theme you've download, move the folder to /sdcard/GM-themes/
4. back to Terminal Emulator ,type "gmtheme (name of theme folder)" without qoutes and brackets and enter for examples gmtheme Akatsuki or gmtheme BlueGalaxy
5. phone will automatically reboot to apply the theme.

thanks to adikinter for tutorial 


  1. klo wifinya ga konek itu kenapa ya?

  2. di dunia ini g ada yg sempurna gan :D coba wipe data lagi..


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